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Eco renovation in the village of Shipkovo – Bulgaria

Violeta is the happy heir of an old wattle and daube house in the mountain village of Shipkovo, situated between Troyan and Teteven, in Northern Bulgaria, along the Rajdavetz river. The house is almost 130 years old and has preserved it’s authentic aspect – big wooden entrance door, large windows, nice proportions. It belonged to her grand father […]

The old – new Japanese earthen house

This short movie presents an interesting Japanese house built from timber, straw and earth. The house in bio-climatic, it uses in the best possible way the sun light and is easy to ventilate. The massive inner walls keep the warmth of the only stove for a very long time.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h0IYv6u1xYM

French site for light-earth building

The light earth building technique is becoming popular in France and Germany. It’s easy to implement, cheap and guarantees very good insulation qualities. There are already many realized buildings and this motivated the french builders to gather their efforts and realize a common platform for the dissemination of knowledge and examples. At the present time […]

Modern earthen floor

We all know about the old traditional houses and their earth floor. But there are few such examples of earth inner floors that have survived up to present times. These floors have been easy to realize, cheap and good enough for the everyday use of the family life. This short french movie presents the modern […]

Canadian movie on natural plasters

I chose to present you this short Canadian movie on natural plasters in which the craftswoman Sukita Crimmel explains the gestures and the good practices for the application of natural plasters. Used for millennia but forgotten from the modern building industry, earth and lime come slowly but surely back to our modern homes. They offer […]

Decorating a wall with earth paints

When a modern artist decides to decorate a room with earth paints…

The revival of earth building in France

Earth is a material which we easily associate with the primitive way of building, closer to the animals than to the modern way of life.  Nevertheless, earth has been an accessible and friendly building material for thousands of years . This short french movie presents the rising interest towards earth in renovation sector in France. […]

Spring news

With the arrival of spring the collegues from Europe have started to send me info bulletins about the upcoming earth events: The school for earth building in Wangelin, Germany, organizes a series of lectures and seminars on the topic of earth and lime plasters and tadelakt  > http://lernpunktlehm.de/wp3/?ajde_events=tadelakt-baustellenkurs The Italian architect Sergio Sabadini organizes in Milan in […]

From Burkina Faso to Berlin and back

Diebedo Francis Kéré was born in a poor village in Burkina Faso but thanks to his hard work and luck he travels to study architecture in Berlin. Some years later he comes back home and builds schools using local materials, the available human resources and the traditional skills.

Modern wattle and daub from a japanese craftsman

The japanese craftsfman Naoki Kusumi presents a modern interpretation of a wattle and daub wall. He is the successor of an ancient family tradition which he develops and enriches. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QmK2HRA7BKE