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Spring news

With the arrival of spring the collegues from Europe have started to send me info bulletins about the upcoming earth events: The school for earth building in Wangelin, Germany, organizes a series of lectures and seminars on the topic of earth and lime plasters and tadelakt  > http://lernpunktlehm.de/wp3/?ajde_events=tadelakt-baustellenkurs The Italian architect Sergio Sabadini organizes in Milan in […]

Earth building seminar in June

A two-day training on earth building will take place on June 25th and 26th in the Rodopean village Kosovo. There will be a theoretical and a practical part. The techniques of adobe, straw earth and earth and lime plasters will bepresented in details. You will find detailed information about the event in the attached brochure. […]

World conference on earth building – Terra 2016

From July 11th to July 14th  this year in Lyon, France, will take place the 12th international conference on earth building. Architects, docents, archeologues, and researchers from all over the world will gather to present the most interesting projects and practices. Here you find a link to the event program: http://terra2016.sciencesconf.org/resource/page/id/6 The curators of the conference have […]

Shop for natural plasters and paints

Ten years ago the brothers Marc and Bas fall have for the first time the opportunity to work with natural building materials. From one project to the other their interest grows – their experience too. They work as craftsmen and decorators. Besides the numerouse projects that they realize last year the two young men decide to […]

The repair after the flood

In March this year the house Bendia in Rahovitza was flooded, so we had to do a complete renovation of the bathroom and kitchen. After the shock of the first days, we considered what happened and we realized that this is the perfect time to make all the improvements that we have long dreamed of. […]

About the past summer

This summer again, like the past two there were participants to the seminars on earth building and natural plasters that took place in Kosovo village.  Some of them had a precise restauration project, others were building ther new eclogical house and some were just curiuouse to learn new things. All were happy to touch the […]

The mosc in Djenne, Mali

Since seven hundred years the citizens of the city of Djenne in southern Mali renovate the plaster of their earthen mosc. They work together and realize a ritual where everyone takes part. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SI5NdNEosE I wish you a happy, successfull and full of ecoprojects New 2015!

Dragana’s dream

Dragana Marijanovic is a serbian architect, designer and initiator. After her graduation, Dragana travels to Africa to work as a volunteer and discovers earthen buildings. She falls in love with this natulal building method and decides she wants to learn more on the topic. This is how she arrives at the international center for earthen architecture […]

The finalists of the photocompetition The magic of Earth Building

The Association for building with natural materials and Association Rahovitza are happy to announce the rewards for the Photocompetition The Magic of Earth Building. Considering the small number of participants /9/and the recived pictures /29/, the finalists are : – 1st price  – Ralitza Braikova with a picture from the village Yovkovtzi : the book Earth architecture, Ronald […]

Earth design

Raya Stefanova is defenitely a desiner of the new age – a creator working with the thaught of the existing relationship between man and nature. I write about Raya because last Week End I visited the exhibition organized for the graduation of her class in the Eindhoven Design Academy and I was surprized! The thema […]