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Raya Stefanova is defenitely a desiner of the new age – a creator working with the thaught of the existing relationship between man and nature. I write about Raya because last Week End I visited the exhibition organized for the graduation of her class in the Eindhoven Design Academy and I was surprized! The thema of her graduation work corresponds with my interests and the things I find important. Her project she calls “Invisible life“ and explains: “We are becoming too clean. By scrubbing away the natural microorganisms around us, we are disrupting the balance of organisms in and on our bodies. This is being linked to allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases and obesity. With this project I hope to bring microorganisms back into our lives.„

The abstract shapes made of pressed soil release micobes through airborne dust, as does soil scattered onto porous stone vessel. Raya also created a web platform for creatives S-O-I-L, where designers and architects can find information about new publications on microbs, inspiring positive changes in the way we design everything from building to products to medicine.

Here you find a link to Ray’s site and plateform:

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