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Once upon a time…

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“Once upon a time there was a village in the Eastern Rhodopi built entirely from earth…” I don’t remember when exactly I heard about it but as the thematic is my favorit, I diceded to visit it at the earliest possibility.  The possibility arrose last summer in June. I put the three children in the car, took a tent and we headed from Plovdiv trough Liubimetz towards the village of Mandritza. The village is really entirely built from earth, the main building technique being adobe blocks, used for the realization of thick walls. Only the belfry is from burnt bricks. The village was deserted, somehow deeply asleep and musty… About ten elderly persons gathered in the local cafe told us that they are the descendants of Albanians who settled here 250 years ago.  The pictures are from a three day journey and here is a movie that I found later.

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