My healthy summer 2016

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The site “Healthy life” announced a competition – My healthy summer 2016 and I decided to participate with pictures of the oven that we built this summer with love and natural materials.

“Summer is my favorite season, because I spend a lot of time outside: work in the garden, restoration of the houses, herbs gathering, walks… This summer in the Rhodopean village Kosovo we decided to build a small oven. Until 70-80 years ago every house in the village had its own oven in which one a week tasty bread was baked. After we watched several movies on youtube we decided to go for an easy model, shaped directly on the ground: we shaped the chamber from chestnut ┬ábranches thrust directly in the ground and covered with a piece of cloth to withstand the earth mortar. This framework was used for shaping a dome chamber from earth and straw mortar. When the mortar was still wet we started a fire which burned for a few hours until the walls were completely dry. Then came the sweetest part… The pizzas that we prepared were extremely tasty. We have been using the oven the whole summer. If we protect it correctly from the rain and snow it could resist until next summer or then we could build a bigger one.

I wish to everyone the occasion to try with your one efforts such a simple oven. The children participated with big enthusiasm and are constantly thinking of new recipes.”

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