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Visit in London

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Last week I had the opportunity to travel to London. I had long wished to visit the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) so I found the address, rang the door and introduced myself. I was warmly welcomed by Mr. Matthew Slocombe, director of the association and the conversation was very interesting.

The SPAB was founded in 1877 by Sir William Morris. Its purpose since has been to care for the protection of British architectural heritage. The motto of the association is “Stave off decay by daily care”. A group of trained professionals provides free advice, publishes books and magazine and organizes trainings for professionals and owners of old buildings. Here are some of the titles published by the Association:

The society has imagined a strategy for the conservation of the architectural heritage. The cycle which is being developed is the following:

> Understanding of the historic environment teaches people to value it > Valuing the historic environment gives people a reason to care for it> Caring for the historic environment helps people enjoy it > Enjoying the historic environment creates a desire for understanding it.

Of course this cycle could apply to Bulgarian architectural heritage. We need a concerted effort to improve the vision and understanding of older buildings and their preservation and development. Let’s hope that such an association will be born in Bulgaria soon.

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