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    The revival of earth building in France

    Earth is a material which we easily associate with the primitive way of building, closer to the animals than to the modern way of life.  Nevertheless, earth has been an accessible and friendly building material for thousands of years . This short french movie presents the rising interest towards earth in renovation sector in France. The French are enthusiasts to work again with it because they continue the traditions and have a cheap and beautiful material that creates a unique inside comfort. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4O9HPeHdk8  

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    Spring news

    With the arrival of spring the collegues from Europe have started to send me info bulletins about the upcoming earth events: The school for earth building in Wangelin, Germany, organizes a series of lectures and seminars on the topic of earth and lime plasters and tadelakt  > http://lernpunktlehm.de/wp3/?ajde_events=tadelakt-baustellenkurs The Italian architect Sergio Sabadini organizes in Milan in April a seminar on earth plasters with the participation of a Japanese craftsman > http://alekoslab.org/seminario-terramigakidesign The French institute of earth building Craterre and Amaco – Atelier Matters for Building – shares the link to the newly published book: Clays and biopolymeres – Natural stabilizers for earth building > http://www.amaco.org/spiral-files/download?mode=inline&data=3510 I have been working hard to finish the book “Natural plasters…

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    Ecohouse in the Austrian Alps

    The Austrian architect Claudia Stahl presents us her newly built natural home. The structure is built from timber, the walls are realized from earthen boards. This way the climate in the house is healthy and the humidity is optimal. The house is about 70 m2 big and has many big windows and sliding doors that guarantee a direct relation for the inhabitants with the natural surroundings. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-cKQqP67Dg

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    How to renovate an earth plaster

    Riccardo de Paoli is an Italian who lives and works in France. His passion is earth plasters. In his blog called “back to earth” he recently published a short movie that shows the gestures for the renovation an earth plaster. Earth plasters are not necessarily bruin dark. They propose a whole range of natural colors. https://revenirsurterre.com/blog/

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    Cob houses in Romania

    Ileana Mavrodin is a Romanian architect. She has worked for long years in Canada but when she decides a few years ago to come back to her home country she begins to build cob houses because for her this is the best way to connect to nature. She started with her own house but now she designs and supervises the building of houses for other clients. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NBBywSB-EuM

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    My healthy summer 2016

    The site “Healthy life” announced a competition – My healthy summer 2016 and I decided to participate with pictures of the oven that we built this summer with love and natural materials. “Summer is my favorite season, because I spend a lot of time outside: work in the garden, restoration of the houses, herbs gathering, walks… This summer in the Rhodopean village Kosovo we decided to build a small oven. Until 70-80 years ago every house in the village had its own oven in which one a week tasty bread was baked. After we watched several movies on youtube we decided to go for an easy model, shaped directly on…