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    Earth design

    Raya Stefanova is defenitely a desiner of the new age – a creator working with the thaught of the existing relationship between man and nature. I write about Raya because last Week End I visited the exhibition organized for the graduation of her class in the Eindhoven Design Academy and I was surprized! The thema of her graduation work corresponds with my interests and the things I find important. Her project she calls “Invisible life“ and explains: “We are becoming too clean. By scrubbing away the natural microorganisms around us, we are disrupting the balance of organisms in and on our bodies. This is being linked to allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases and…

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    Earth news from Bulgaria

    Dear ecobuilders, This summe was filled with pleasent meetings, hard work and cheerful moments. In the Rhodopean hamlet Rahovitza, near the village Kosovo, took place two courses on earth construction and the already traditional architecture summer camp with more than twenty participants. And as there are more people willing to undergo the trainting, I propose a new date: September 27th and 28th. For more information, see the attached invitation: Програма_Обучение_Раховица_септ2014 The Photocontest “The magic of earth buildings” is oficially over, but due to the small number of participants, the organizers unitedly decided to extend the deadline to October 1st. We will be happy if you send us your summer favorite…

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    Photocompetition ” The magic of earth building”

    I have been dreaming for years to organize a photo competition on earth building. My dream is about to come true thanks to the support of the likeminded organizations Association for Building with Natural Materials, Ossem and More for the house magazines. Earth buildings are spread throughout all Bulgaria but often we don’t see or ignore them. I trully hope that this initiative will help get out from the dust of time the rich architectural heritage that earth buildings represent. Enjoy taking pictures and sunny summer ahead! More information about the competition can be found in the added folder: ZemnoPhotocontest

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    Earth building training in the Rhodopi

    If you have an old house that you want restored with authentic materials and techniques or you dream to build a new ecological dwelling you would probably be interested to get praktcal skills, ask questions and meet like-minded people. On August 8th and 9th 2014. in the village of Kosovo, Bulgaria, will be hold a seminar on earth building. The course will introduce you to the characteristics of earth as a building material. During the two-day training you will learn about the field test by which you can choose the right soil for construction purposes and become familiar with the basic earth building techniques. You will learn to make adobe bricks, straw…

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    Visit in London

    Last week I had the opportunity to travel to London. I had long wished to visit the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) so I found the address, rang the door and introduced myself. I was warmly welcomed by Mr. Matthew Slocombe, director of the association and the conversation was very interesting. The SPAB was founded in 1877 by Sir William Morris. Its purpose since has been to care for the protection of British architectural heritage. The motto of the association is “Stave off decay by daily care”. A group of trained professionals provides free advice, publishes books and magazine and organizes trainings for professionals and owners of…

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    No connection!

    I wish a happy and efficient 2014 to all ecobuilders and supporters of healthy life! The book on earth building is finally printed and to my greatest joy there is interest! The hall where the lecture was held in Plovdiv at the invitation of Sofia Architecture Week, was packed. There was debate and many interesting questions. Since then, interest has not abated and every second day there is a new order.  There seem to be several fan clubs in Plovdiv, Sofia, Varna, Stara-Zagora and Pleven. I distribute the book through this blog and the online store of Spisanie 8 which will write an article on the topic, in one of…

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    After the lecture…

    Yesterday I received a very nice email and decided to share it with you. I would like to thank George, that gave me the permission to publish it! Hello Varvara , Last Tuesday I was in Plovdiv to follow the presentation of OBIA , because I took photographs of one of their projects. I didn’t miss your lecture and during the last week, I thought often on the subject earth building. That’s why I decided to write to you. I’m very familiar with the idea of changing the views on the use of earthly goods. Nowadays we are so dependent on large financial interests that do not realize delusional respect…

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    The book “Earth building” is finally printed

    I’m happy to inform you that the book “Earth building” is finally printed ! I invite you to the official presentation that will take place the 26th of November 2013 from 6 to 7 PM in the House of Culture in Plovdiv, under the auspices of the festival „Sofia Architecture Week”! http://edno.bg/sofia-architecture-week-2013/kalendar/1184

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    Building with natural materials – second symposium and exhibition of projects in the island of Crete, Greece

    The 10th and 11th of May 2013 was held the second symposium on “Natural Building Materials” in Chania, Crete Island. The event was organized by the Technical University of Crete in collaboration with the non-profit organization Piliko and the Center of Mediterranean Architecture. The two day symposium focused on the architecture of structures made from natural materials (clay, straw, reed, hemp, wood etc.) from a technical and aesthetic aspect. Were presented many interesting projects from: • Greece, www.piliko.gr; • Italy, www.casediterra.it; www.terracruda.org; www.pantarei-cea.it; • Spain, www.cannabric.com; www.construtierra.org; • Chile, • Switzerland, www.degenhettenbach.ch; www.iglehm.ch; • Bulgaria, www.rahovitza.org;