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Dragana’s dream

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Dragana Marijanovic is a serbian architect, designer and initiator. After her graduation, Dragana travels to Africa to work as a volunteer and discovers earthen buildings. She falls in love with this natulal building method and decides she wants to learn more on the topic. This is how she arrives at the international center for earthen architecture Craterre in Grenoble. After her specialization, Dragana comes back home and decides it’s high time people start to talk again about the old earthen buildings. Her dream is to create a teachning center on earthen building techniques and restauration. She manages to win a competition for young entrepreneurs and buys an old earthen building around Novi Sad. Since five years she has been working restlessly on the remodelation of the future ecocenter with the help of friends and supporters. Besides, she gives lectures everywhere in Serbia and writes a site on the topic. Naturally our ways crossed and we became friends, we share ideas and experiences.

Here is the link to her project :

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