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The repair after the flood

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In March this year the house Bendia in Rahovitza was flooded, so we had to do a complete renovation of the bathroom and kitchen. After the shock of the first days, we considered what happened and we realized that this is the perfect time to make all the improvements that we have long dreamed of. So first we tore down the old fireplaces, that were not being used the last ten years and put stacks of chimneys in the stone wall. This means that we masoned two new chimneys! We then changed the soaked beams of the flooded room with oak ones and laied a new timber floor. We masoned new walls for the bathroom and laid new tiles. The cerry on the cake was the new furniture for the kitchen, that we realized from oak that dried for four years in the barn. We installed a new Prety stove with water jacket, which feeds radiators in each room. We just expect a new window from the  carpenter who inexplicably took the contract in May, said that in two weeks the windows will be ready and does not pick his phone since. We will finish the rooms with earth plasters after the windows has been installed.

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