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Eco renovation in the village of Shipkovo – Bulgaria

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Violeta is the happy heir of an old wattle and daube house in the mountain village of Shipkovo, situated between Troyan and Teteven, in Northern Bulgaria, along the Rajdavetz river. The house is almost 130 years old and has preserved it’s authentic aspect – big wooden entrance door, large windows, nice proportions. It belonged to her grand father – a prominent  villager. She feels strongly attached to the place, as she has spent many of her summer holidays.

Violeta wanted to renovate and adapt the building to the contemporary needs to spend weekends with her family in the  mountains.  She strongly wished to preserve the spirit of the place and avoid the mistakes accompanying modern renovation – artificial insulation, aluminium frames, concrete plasters.

The first step was to extend the house towards the river with a large wooden terrasse, corresponding to the wholewidth of the facade. This new extension allows the pleasent stay out, covered and gives to the inhabitants an incredible feeling of space.  The old frames were replaced with new wooden frames and then the interior walls were replastered. The teamwork continued for some weeks. We first prepared the walls for plastering and filled all the holes and fixed the electrical outlet and cables. Then we started to plaster and place a thin reed mat that was plastered and armed again with a fiber glass canvas. The finishing plaster was prepared from lime and marble powder.

The dwelling was renovated and is ready for at least 100 new years of happy life. Expect information about the external insulation that was also executed with reed panels and lime plaster.

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