Restoration of an earthen house in China

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Humble Homes is a site presenting interesting projects of small size but extremely functional houses, apartments, and retreats. I have been following it for two years and I can’t stop being amazed by the ingenuity of fellow architects from all over the world. 

Naturally, I was fascinated by an article about a restored earth house in China.

The project to which I attach a link is an old Chinese traditional house from a village in the vicinity of Beijing. Local residents did not see any sense in the restoration of a degraded and out-passed dwelling. The house was doomed to demolition until two young architects discovered it: Christian Taeubert and Sun Ming. The result speaks for itself – the warmth of the clay walls contrasts with the modern kitchen furniture made of stainless steel. The wavy wooden roof structure is elegantly reinforced with fine metal columns. The concrete floor brings tranquility, spaciousness and a touch of modernity to this little home.

For the joy of the architects, the project has been a catalyst for the restoration of the entire neighborhood and the reconstruction of many more houses.

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