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Innovative project in France – poured earthen walls

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« La Corderie eco-district» originated as a project for regional development with a mixed program of 1000 m2 intended for housing, offices, workshops and green areas. The aim of the project is to create spaces for innovative companies and a manifest for new practices. It offers shared offices, exhibition spaces and lots of greenery. Responding to the demanding assignment, the team of engineers and architects designed a building of load-bearing walls and a wooden construction. All the materials are local – they are delivered from less than 30 km from the site. Earth has been chosen as a representative material for the region. A technique of poured earth reinforced with steel is used for the supporting walls instead of the traditional for this part of France rammed earth technique. The earth is procured from the excavations of the site, with some added sand and cement. The walls are insulated from the inside to keep the walls visible from the outside.

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