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The story of the three little pigs

Probably everyone remembers the story of the three little pigs who try to escape the bad wolf. There the straw house is easily blown by the wolf. But to the delight of ecobuilders, straw becomes a more and more popular building material because it is inexpensive, easy to find and offers very good insulation properties. […]

Eco hotel in Morocco

Earthen architecture is still alive in Morocco and is used for building houses but also luxorious hotels. Kasbah Timdaf is a wanderfull eco hotel proposing all the extras or the modern comfort in an architecture created with an ancestral technique, rammed earth.  http://www.kasbah-timdaf.com/accueil.php

German movies on Rammed Earth

Unique six German short movies from the fifties of the 20th Century, showing the step-by-step use of the ancient rammed earth building technique and other earth building techniques. Pay special attention to the formwork wood panels that inspired the creation of the metal formworks for the production of concrete. The movies have no sound. After […]