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    The beauty of rammed earth walls

    “ We are never tired of looking at the walls of our rammed earth house! “ The owners of this newly built earth house share their insights and views. For them earthen walls are a link to the surrounding nature, a solar energy storage, an aesthetic which warms their hearts every day. The rammed earth technique is scarce in Bulgaria. There are few preserved buildings to be founds along the Danube river. She is typical for several regions in France, Spain and Portugal. The technique is widely used in China and in many places of Latin America. Rammed earth walls are obtained after compressing of a freshly extracted earthen mass…

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    Earth plaster from A to Z

    Just brilliant! This short movie from Nito Project shows the step by step production of a basic earth plaster from A to Z: earth extraction, sieving, additives, mixing, application and smoothing. Earthen plasters are affordable, easy to mix and extremely beautiful! If you want to jump into adventure you can get the necessary knowledge in the book “Natural plasters and paints from earth and lime” There is nothing more pleasant than becoming the artist of its own interior!

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    Building with mud: a continuum

    This short film from “The Nito project” presents in a attractive way the various mixtures that are needed for the production of numerous building techniques: from a very dense earthen mixture to a very lightweight blend with high content of straw. In fact, the most interesting thing is perhaps the realization that the mixtures are very similar to one another, as we can get many different building techniques from the same original earth mass. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5El1PjkYSQ4

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    Innovative project in France – poured earthen walls

    « La Corderie eco-district» originated as a project for regional development with a mixed program of 1000 m2 intended for housing, offices, workshops and green areas. The aim of the project is to create spaces for innovative companies and a manifest for new practices. It offers shared offices, exhibition spaces and lots of greenery. Responding to the demanding assignment, the team of engineers and architects designed a building of load-bearing walls and a wooden construction. All the materials are local – they are delivered from less than 30 km from the site. Earth has been chosen as a representative material for the region. A technique of poured earth reinforced with steel…

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    Balkan conference on earth architecture in the village Titel, Serbia / August 23rd to 25th 2019

    From August 23rd to August 25th in the village Titel, Serbia will take place a Balkan conference on earth building. The event will bring together 12 countries to talk about their common heritage, its potentials and future actions. The three-day conference will be followed by REGIO EARTH, an itinerary festival founded by Sárkollektíva from Hungary and TeRRApia from Romania which will offer a series of interesting workshops with great local and international teachers. More information coming soon! /www.facebook.com/events/300390564145529/

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    A prototype earthquake resistant earth house in China

    In China, as in many other places around the world, earthwork has been present for millennia. It is widespread in the northeastern provinces, which are still poorly industrialized. In 2014, the devastating earthquake Ludian affected the village of Guangming, which was almost completely destroyed and its inhabitants were left without shelter. The Chinese University of Hong Kong was committed to develop an earthquake resistant rammed earth house combining local building techniques with modern architectural solutions. The project won the first prize at the World Architecture Festival 2017. It offers accessible materials, the use of traditional building techniques and reinforcement elements of reinforced concrete and iron beams. https://www.dezeen.com/2017/11/17/post-earthquake-reconstruction-of-chinese-village-named-world-building-of-the-year-2017/

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    Earth building seminar in the Rhodopi

    If you wish to learn about the specificity of earth as a building material, the field tests which allow you to select the correct earth for building purposes and to discover the main earth building technique then feel welcome on August 4th and 5th in the Rhodopean village Kosovo. You will find more detailed information in the attached file. Inscriptions at: info@rahovitza.org      ” order_by=”sortorder” order_direction=”ASC” returns=”included” maximum_entity_count=”500″]      

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    Rammed earth house in Mexico

    When Swedish architects decide to plan an earthen house in Mexico, the result is more than stunning! I’m presenting you a project of the Earth Lab Studio – a house from rammed earth built in 2017 in the city of Merida, Mexico. The architects have endeavored to give a modern expression to a millennium old building technique. Freshness and coziness radiate from the thick earthen walls while the colorful pavement brings mood and reminds of traditional Mexican motives.  https://earthlabstudio.com/portfolio/rejoyada-2/

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    A movie presenting the application of an earth plaster

    I’m presenting you a short movie from France which shows the mixing and application of a base earth plaster. The wall must have a rough surface and be abundantly moisturized. The application begins from the top to the bottom. The instruments used are the trowel, the float and the sponge.       The proportions are 1 volume of earth : 2 volumes of sand. The thickness is 6 mm. http://zemnostroitelstvo.net/?p=1685 I’m happy to announce the publishing of my new book: “Natural plasters from earth and lime” which is presently in the graphic designers hands.